Policy Injury Reporting Procedure

It is the policy of Kids Choice that parents/guardians shall be notified of all injuries that require care. The method and means of contact shall be done in the following manner;

Injury above shoulder areas

  • The parent shall be called and informed via phone of the incident and what actions are being taken to address the injury, ex. Ice being applied, observation, etc.
  • If you would like a copy of the written report we will provide on for you within 24 hours, unless that falls over the weekend or holiday. In that case, you will receive documentation on the next business day.

Injury below shoulder areas
The parent shall be contacted via the preferred method of contact they have chosen in the following,

  • Phone call
  • Text message
  • Email

This call, message or email shall consist of the following

  • Nature of injury
  • Actions taken
  • Childs comfort, ex. Resumed playing

856-316-6375 or 609-617-5310

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