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Since 2009, Kids Choice been providing children with a place to grow both academically, socially and emotionally. As a state licensed child care program, we assist local school districts in providing before and aftercare enrichment programs for their students. From our inception, we have strived to develop and provide a place where the parents would be completely at ease with the care provided, and the children would be excited about coming to school and benefiting from our program. But most important, flexible to offer the right support to meet the needs of families today. 

Caring Staff

We are committed in providing the right care and motivation through supportive encouragement.

Instructional Guidance

One on one assistance to help student’s problem solve their homework.


Social Development

Help buildup self- confidence and cooperation when interacting with fellow students and staff

Nurturing Environment

Develope and provide an atmosphere of inclusiveness, team work and sharing.

Engaging Activities

We offer our students fun but engaging activities such as games, athletic activities, fashion shows, talent showcase and arts and crafts. Activities that are physical in nature and a mental exercise to allow self-expression, cultivate positive character traits, and enhance their sense of comradery, teamwork and community.

Academic Assistance

Our staff can monitor and assist your child with homework as needed. Our program is designed to help our enrolled students develop good homework habits in completing their assignments. By designating a set time after school, develops a structured homework routine that increase your child’s confidence and success at school.

Learning Exploration

Our learning exploration encourages discovery of ideas, hobbies, skills, and interests that children have not had the opportunity to explore or be exposed to.  We offer a choice of activities including guest speakers that raise awareness of the world around them. Exciting each child to learn and explore interests in a variety of areas.

Let Us Help You Make the Right Choice

For more information about our before and after school programs, call us at 856-316-6375 or click on the following link for more enrollment information.



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