KC Summer Camp Enrollment- IS FULL, Thank you very much for your interest.


Welcome back to KC Camp. KC Camp is extremely excited for this upcoming summer; we have lots of new and exciting activities. See our full calendar for all our activities.

For the summer of 2024: KC Camp will be located at:
Orchard Valley Middle School
238 Pitman-Downer Rd.
Sewell NJ 08080


KC Camp will utilize the gymnasium for sports and physical activities, group games, etc. We will also have access to the all-purpose room for arts and crafts, board games, matted areas with toys, movies, etc. Both spaces will be air conditioned for your children’s comfort. We will also use the large, grassed area for our bounce houses and water slides. The dates of operation will be from Monday June 24th through Friday August 16th. Our hours of operation will be 7:15am till 5:45pm on all weekdays.

A schedule for Field Trips will be coming out soon!

Spots will be limited this year. Please fill out the enclosed informational packet and return it as soon as possible with your $150.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot. This is the only way that your child will be guaranteed a spot in the program. Your first payment will be less the $150.00 deposit. You can remit this payment at either Kids Choice locations or mail packet and payments to … the packets can be filled out online also at www.kidschoicewt@comcast.net

Mailing Address:

Kids Choice
P.O. Box 9030
Turnersville, NJ 08012

Snacks and lunches need to be packed unless your child is participating in the noted lunch specials noted on the calendar.

  • All field trip money will be collected on the Monday of each week for all field trips that will be taken that week. Field Trip money* cannot be paid for in full (season) it must be done weekly. Some field trips might require to be paid prior to the week of the trip we will notify you.
  • All children and staff must go on field trips no one will remain at camp location.
  • * Will not be refunded for any reason. *


We look forward to having a safe and fun summer. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Orchard Valley
Middle School

238 Pitman-Downer Rd.
Sewell NJ 08080


Monday June 24th
Friday August 16th


7:15am to 5:45pm
on all weekdays

Mailing Address:

Kids Choice
P.O. Box 9030
Turnersville, NJ 08012

Costs for KC Camp 2024


Please Note: KC Camp does not have hidden fees for early drop-offs (before 9am) or after hour pickups (after 3pm or 4pm) like other camps.  Our Fees are a flat rate from 7:15am until 5:45pm, Monday through Friday.

Due to the limited spots and the popularity of KC Camp, and to have the best summer camp experience. We will only be taking campers with a 6 to 8-week commitment; unless drop-in care.

*Field Trips on Mondays and Fridays ALL campers attend (if in attendance) No Exceptions, no one remains behind. *

5 Days a Week- $310.00 per week per child. 7:15 am till 5:45pm (Monday thru Friday)

  • 10% off additional children if enrolled 5 days a week.
  • You will be responsible to pay for Field trips if your child is scheduled to attend camp that day whether the child attends or not. KC Camp must pay for Trips well in advance.
  • Mondays has a limited number of spots, once full Mondays will be closed out and Tuesday thru Fridays will be an option.


3 Days a Week- $250.00 per week per child. 7:15 am till 5:45pm

  • These spots are limited and will be given to the first 30 campers that reserve their spots.
  • If choosing 3 days per week, please see attached sheet/form and indicate what days your child will be attending per week. This is particularly important so that we can prepare for all field trips, busing, supervision, etc.


DROP-IN CARE– $75.00 per day per child- sporadic care 1-2 days a week


Payment Options
Option A Two Payments:  May 4th &  June 1st

Option B Six Payments: May 4th, May 18th, June 1st, June 15th, June 29th, July 13th

If payments are not received on dates listed above campers will not be permitted to start attending camp.

**Deposits must be made by check or money order or via our website.
Field trips monies paid are not refundable for any reason whatsoever, if KC Camp was provided with a ticket for that trip, we will give you that ticket so that it can be used in the future. However, if no ticketing/voucher is provided and your child does not attend for some reason KC Camp will not reimburse you for the missed trip.

After deposit Payments can be made on our website www.kidschoicewt.com you must indicate camp payment on the payment, so it is allocated correctly. Any payments received after the due dates will be subject to a $25.00 late fee.

ALL Payments prior to the start day of camp can be mailed: Or pay online and indicate summer camp payments.


856-316-6375 or 609-617-5310

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