Expulsion Policy

Unfortunately, there are sometimes reasons that we must expel a child from our program either on a short time basis or a permanent basis. We want you to know we will do everything possible to work with you and your family to prevent this policy from having to be enforced.

The decision for expulsion, either temporary or permanent, will be at the sole discretion of ownership. It will be based upon all gathered facts and reports provided by the head teacher for the site where the offense or offenses took place. The following are some of the reasons we may have to expel or suspend a child from this center:

Immediate causes for expulsion:

  • The child is at risk of causing serious injury to other children, staff or himself/herself.
  • Parent threatens physical or intimidating actions towards staff members.
  • Parent or child exhibits verbal abuse towards staff in front of enrolled children.

Parents Actions for child’s expulsion

  • Failure to pay/habitual lateness in payments
  • Habitual tardiness when picking up your child
  • Verbal abuse of staff

Childs Actions for expulsion:

  • Uncontrollable tantrums/angry outbursts
  • Ongoing physical or verbal abuse to staff or other children


Schedule of Expulsion

If after the remedial actions above have not worked, the child’s parent/guardian will be advised verbally and in writing about the child’s or parents behavior warranting an expulsion. An expulsion action is meant to be a period so that the parent/guardian may work on the child’s behavior or to come to an agreement with the center. The parent/guardian will be informed of the length of the expulsion. The parent/guardian will be informed of what behavioral changes are required to return to the center.

The parent/guardian will be given a specific expulsion date that allows the parent sufficient time to seek alternative child care (approximately one to two weeks of notice depending on the risk to other children and staff, if actions are too severe expulsion can be immediate). Failure of the parent/guardian to satisfy the terms or plan may result in expulsion from the center.

A child will not be expelled If a child’s parent(s):

  • Made a complaint to the Office of Licensing regarding a center alleged violations of licensing requirements.
  • Reported abuse or neglect occurring at the center.
  • Questioned the center about policies and or procedures.

Proactive Actions that can be taken to prevent expulsion

  • Staff will try to redirect child from negative behavior
  • Staff will always use positive methods and language while speaking with children
  • Staff will praise appropriate behaviors
  • Child will be given time to regain control
  • Parent/guardian and center will keep in constant communication regarding child’s actions

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