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The document library includes our enrollment forms for each school district, medical forms and license requirements.

For parents enrolling their child for the first time,there are three options to complete the application.  

  • Option 1: Our enrollment applications are fillable on-line. Click on the name of the form in our library to preview it. In preview mode you can fill out the application and then print it. You cannot not save it but it can be downloaded to be completed by hand.
  • Option2: Download the form, print it out, fill out and mail it to the following location:

Kids Choice
PO Box 9030
Tel: 856-316-6375 or 609-617-5310

  • Option 3: Download the form, fill it out on your computer (Macs or PCs) using adobe reader, sign it  and return it by email. Click on the following link to upload the application-Upload

To utilize the online form filling feature, please use Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, please click the following link to download it to your computer and install. (Special Note-The use of Google Chrome PDF Viewer will negate your ability to totally fill out the form on your computer)

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856-316-6375 or 609-617-5310

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